Professional course to become an Ice Cream Make

This course is taught by Maestro Palmiro Bruschi, the Italian ice cream champion

Ice Cream Maker course objectives

This professional course teaches the techniques and methodologies for the production and selling of Italian artisanal ice cream. Course subjects will include: the components of ice cream, the chemistry and physics behind ice cream making, balancing principles, decoration, fruit and vegetable cutting, as well as marketing, communication and business management. On completion of the course, participants will be able to produce and sell a wide range of different artisanal ice cream varieties.

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Key skills

an Ice Cream Maker needs to:

  • know well the raw materials for the preparation of ice cream (milk, egg, fruit, sugar, flavourings, etc.)
  • know how to measure and mix ingredients
  • know how to use instruments, refrigeration systems and machinery for ice cream making
  • have creative and manual skills
  • be accurate in decorating products
  • understand the law regarding a correct conservation and transformation of ingredients and products
  • understand laws regarding health, hygiene and work safety

How to become an Ice Cream Maker in Italy

There is no specific qualification for becoming an Ice Cream Maker, but to start a career in ice cream a professional training course is recommended. Only after maturing a good amount of professional experience is it possible to start a business. Constant updating is a must for this trade, and those who practice this profession must always be on the lookout for new recipes and suggestions for clients.

Become an Ice Cream Maker with the Scuola di Cucina

The Ice Cream Maker course at the Scuola di Cucina lasts for 3 months in total. It is divided into 1 month of theoretical lessons and practical classes, and a 2-month practical working experience period at a sector-related business.

  • Theoretical lessons: with expert teachers who don’t just teach but also work as professionals in the sector
  • Practical lessons: to consolidate knowledge acquired during theoretical lessons. Students are fully supported by teachers and acquire essential practical skills.
  • Practical working experience: this important part of the course is held at a business within the sector and allows students to put into practice all they have learnt during lessons, giving them in addition valuable experience to add to their professional CV.

There are no formal academic entry requirements for this course. However, you need to be at least 18 years old and have a B1 Level* of English to access the course.

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